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Welcome to AIER Pelvic Floor and Postpartum Rehabilitation Centre

We provide postpartum services including Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Rehabilitaion , Diastasis Recti Abdominis Rehabilitation and Pelvis/Symphysis Pubis Dysfunciton Rehabilitationetc.
Our Services
Uterine Rehabilitation


Childbirth may cause uterine translocation or even prolapse, which is more common in mothers who have less exercise and weaker physical fitness. Postpartum mothers with poor uterine rejuvenation can easily lead to endless lochia and even cause some gynecological diseases. Mothers whose uterus has not recovered, must take time to rejuvenate the uterus.

Stretch Mark Removal


The appearance of stretch marks makes post-partum mothers feel helpless. If you let them develop it may become more and more ugly. Electrical stimulation can help lighten stretch marks and solve the problem of postpartum stretch marks.

​Postpartum Body Shaping


With the continuous increasing demand for quality of life, post-natal physical recovery has become the most urgent requirement of new mothers! Smooth muscle stimulation technique and electrical stimulation lipolysis principle regulate fat metabolism level, accelerate lymphatic circulation, strengthen the body's elastic collagen acetabular formation ability, restore the elasticity of loose muscle connective tissue, increase tension, reduce hoarded fat and reduce abdomen Girth and hip circumference, so as to achieve the purpose of reshaping and slimming body.

Diastasis Recti Abdominis Rehabilitation


Almost every mother need to face the factor of out of body shape after delivery. Lower belly and sagging waist are commonly seen. Some people may believe they grown fat, and hurriedly began to lose weight. They then gradually found that that their waist is getting larger and larger, and their lower belly cannot be recovered. Their abdominal muscles became weak and backache strated to appear. If the above appears, it is the time to be vigilent. In fact, the big lower belly may not because of fat, instead, your rectus abdominis may be separated.

Pelvis/Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Rehabilition

The hip bones on both sides, the sacrum and the coccyx in the back together form the pelvis. The loose or weak joints and ligaments will cause the separation of the pubic symptom. It needs to be repaired or corrected.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Rehabilitation

Your muscle health status will be reviewed by measuring your biopotential on your relevant skin surface. These data are recorded and assessed, and will be used for your muscle rehabilitation, which includes, improve your muscle strength and muscle nerve functioning, enhance pelvic flood muschle tigheness and sensitivity, and relieves the urinary leakage, frequent urination, urinary urgency, constipation, and pelvic rgan prolapse.

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